How to find a rental property in Copenhagen

The challenges of finding an available apartment

Posted by Robodove team on December 4, 2018

It is difficult to find an available rental property in Copenhagen. Therefore, we have analyzed data from thousands of residential ads and hundreds of home-seekers that Robodove has helped. The result is three solid tips for finding an available rental property in Copenhagen.

Flexibility in area

Most connect Copenhagen with the inner city. But you can increase the chances of finding a home significantly by expanding your home search to Greater Copenhagen. Don’t be picky with areas if you can not afford it. We recommend that you extend your housing search to Greater Copenhagen and generally be open to new areas to live in. When you find a vacant rental property, you will get a foot into the housing market, which you can use as a temporary place to find a better rental property. This tip especially applies to people who move to Copenhagen without networking.

Realistic budget

When we review data from hundreds of users, home seekers often go wrong when it comes to monthly rent. Most housing seekers do not have a realistic budget compared to the rent prices on the rental housing market in Copenhagen. The days where you can get a cheap rental property in the city center areas are over. There are always exceptions to the rule, but be sure to set your budget realistically relative to rental rates.

Contact the landlord quickly

When we compare users who have found a rental property with users who have not found a rental property, it's especially one thing that stands out significantly. The users who have found a rental property through Robodove have all responded quickly to new ads. It may sound like an easy and banal task, but it is far from the case. It's hard work to respond quickly to new ads. You must always be ready to drop everything in your hands to contact the landlord. Many are waiting to contact landlords until they leave school or work, but by then the advertisement has already been taken down again.

Find a rental property fast today

Last but not least, we recommend that all home seekers sign up for Robodove. Robodove is an advanced housing agent, working across all home pages, and finds new housing ads before everyone else. Save time constantly updating home pages and get a head start in the housing hunt. You can sign up for Robodove for free here.

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