How to find an Cooperative house in Copenhagen

Although most cooperative homes are sold through friends and family, it’s possible to find one in Copenhagen.

Posted by Robodove team

Cooperative housing, or andelsbolig, as they are called in Danish, provides a more affordable alternative to buying property in Denmark. However, due to the cheap prices on cooperative houses and a surge in the price of properties for the past years, home seekers have vacuumed the market for any decent cooperative house for sale. Today, most cooperative houses with solid economy are sold to friends and family, leaving only a fraction available on the public market.

Although most cooperative homes are sold through friends and family, it’s possible to find one in Copenhagen. From our own experiences searching for cooperative housing, and hundreds of users successfully finding them through Robodove, we have created three general guidelines to follow.

Be flexible in terms of location

Most home seekers look for cooperative housing in the city center. Truth be told, most cooperative houses worth buying is sold through friends and family. There’s a few exceptions to this, but in general, those can be compared to finding a needle in a haystack. For this reason, we recommend that you search beyond the city center. Stay open to all areas around the city center and in Greater Copenhagen. When you use Robodove to find a home, simply select the area “Greater Copenhagen”, which contain all the areas in Greater Copenhagen.

Have everything ready

Most cooperative houses are sold before they’re put online. In other words, the market for cooperative houses is incredible competitive, and you need to be able to move quickly. Make sure you have everything ready when an opportunity arises. Most seller will require proof from your bank, that you’re able to loan the money needed to buy the cooperative house. Additionally, all other documents, thoughts, lawyer work on the contract and etc. needs to be in place, so you’re ready to move fast.

Contact the seller immediately

Speed is key when it comes to cooperative housing. In most cases, the seller will invite only a limited amount of people to an open house. The open house will give you the opportunity to see the house, ask the seller question, and eventually lobby to be among the people who the seller chooses to sell their home to.

Your number one goal is to be among the people who’s invited to open house. In order to be that person, you need to contact the seller before it’s to late. Because cooperative houses are in great demand, the seller will often receive hundreds of calls within a day, and sometimes within a few hours. For this reason, you simply need to react quickly to new ads. This can be particularly difficult, as it requires you to search for new ads on housing sites continuously during the day.

Most home seekers miss out on available houses because they need to update housing sites during work, school and social events, which is immensely time consuming and stressful. When you use Robodove to find a home, you don’t have to spend hours everyday checking housing sites for new ads. Robodove searches across all housing sites for you and discovers new ads before everyone else. You can also choose your prefered notification method, such as e-mail, sms, push-notification or Facebook messenger.

When all that’s said, we wish you the best of luck on your housing hunting in Copenhagen. If you need help with your house search, you’re more than welcome to create a user on Robodove. We created Robodove to make life easier for home seekers in Copenhagen. Robodove is free to use, incredible helpful and saves you a ton of time every day.

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