How to find a rental property in Copenhagen

Although difficult, it’s possible to find an affordable rental property in Copenhagen. All you need to do is follow the following three guidelines.

Posted by Robodove team

If you ask anyone who’s found a rental property in Copenhagen about their experience, they will tell you it’s extremely difficult and time consuming to find something. And they’re right. With more than one thousand people moving to Copenhagen every month, and a record low supply of affordable rental properties, it’s become increasingly difficult to find a home.

Although difficult, it’s possible to find an affordable rental property in Copenhagen. All you need to do is follow the following three guidelines. These guidelines have been developed through feedback from hundreds of home seekers using Robodove, who’ve successfully found a rental property in Copenhagen. The three tips might seem simple, but you would be surprised how few home seekers follow them in practise.

Be flexible in terms of location

Most home seekers limit their housing search to the city center of Copenhagen. Truth be told, it’s very hard to find anything affordable in the city center. With a high demand and low supply of homes in the city center, most rentals are relatively expensive and hard to get. Unless you can afford to pay a relatively expensive rent for a newly built rental apartment in the city center, we would strongly encourage you to be flexible in terms of location. We recommend all home seekers to search in Greater Copenhagen.

There’s three reasons why you should consider to expand your location to Greater Copenhagen. Firstly, it simply increases the amount of available rental properties, which makes it significant faster and easier to find a place to live. Secondly, you will increase the odds of finding a home with a significant cheaper rent than in the city center. Thirdly, you will get a foot inside the rental market in Copenhagen, from where you can build your network and later find something in the city center. When you use Robodove to find a home, simply select the area “Greater Copenhagen”, which contain all the areas in Greater Copenhagen.

Be realistic in terms of monthly rent

When we analyze thousands of requests from our users, there’s one common mistake we see repeated over and over again. Most home seekers don’t have a realistic preference in terms of monthly rent. In other words, they set the monthly rent to low in their housing search. As mentioned earlier, the demand for rentals is increasingly high and the supply is record low. If the rent you’re willing to pay is lower than the market prices, chances are, that you’re most likely not going to find anything. For this reason, make sure to set your monthly rent accordingly with market prices. Alternatively, you can decrease your preferences in terms of number of rooms, size, rental period and location. When you use Robodove to find a home, the amount of notifications you receive will quickly give you an idea if you’re preferences are aligned with the housing market. We’re also currently testing a new beta feature, which is able to give you rent suggestions as you enter your housing wishes.

Contact the landlord immediately

Speed is key when it comes to the rental market in Copenhagen. When we compare Robodove users who found a home with those who are still looking, there’s one thing that stands out. The one thing all the users who found a rental have in common is speed. It’s absolutely essential that you respond as quickly as humanly possible to new housing ads.

New ads are often gone within the first hour and sometimes even within the first minutes after being put up online. It may sound like an easy task to respond fast, but that’s far from the case. You need to be able to drop everything you have in your hands and contact the landlord as soon as you become aware of a new housing ad online. This is particular difficult, because it requires you to monitor housing sites while your at work, school or together with family and friends. When you use Robodove to find a home, you don’t have to spend hours everyday checking housing sites for new ads. Robodove searches across all housing sites for you and discovers new ads before everyone else. You can also choose your prefered notification method, such as e-mail, sms, push-notification or Facebook messenger.

When all that’s said, we wish you the best of luck on your housing hunting in Copenhagen. Remember that the three main guidelines to finding a home is flexibility in terms of area, a realistic monthly rent, and responding quickly to new ads. If you need help with your house search, you’re more than welcome to create a user on Robodove. We created Robodove to make life easier for home seekers in Copenhagen. Robodove is free to use, incredible helpful and saves you a ton of time every day.

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