Questions and Answers

Robodove is a free project developed by volunteers.

What is Robodove?
Robodove is an intelligent home agent that searches across housing sites and finds new ads before everyone else.

How does Robodove work?
Robodove searches for you around the clock. When Robodove finds a free property that meets your home needs, you will receive instant notification via email, text message or push notification.

What are the benefits of Robodove?
With Robodove, you do not have to constantly refresh home pages for new ads. Get more time and slack in everyday life and less stress for your housing search.

How much does Robodove cost?
Robodove has a free version and a paid version. The revenue from the paid version goes to maintenance, development, as well as cake and soda for our weekly meetings.

Less stress

Use less time refreshing home pages for new ads. Robodove searches for you around the clock and notifies you immediately. Get more time in everyday life and less stress for your house search.


Viktor Flyckt Andersen

"As I have also written when I canceled my membership, I would like to say: great respect! You give everyone a fair chance at the Copenhagen housing market. I got a far greater number of invitations to see apartments than using the payment pages!"


Rasmus Ahlefeldt Simonsen

"A month after the sign up, the perfect apartment appeared. The landlord was contacted, a showcasing was arranged and just a few days later the apartment was ours! If it had not been for Robodove, we would NEVER have found this apartment! Robodove can be clearly recommended!"


Nynne Aaby Steenhof

"Robodove has been a direct part of the fact that my girlfriend and I have finally found an apartment! We have just signed a purchase agreement and can now just sit back and look forward to our new place. Robodove gives you the opportunity to see ads - instantly- without having to log on housing sites. - After 2 years of searching we succeeded and it was just a few months' use of Robodove."

Support the project

Robodove is a free project developed by voluntary efforts. Like us on Facebook and support the project.