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Robodove is looking for housing ads around the clock and discovers new ads before anyone else does it.

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Available apartments

Apartments Date
3 værelses Lejebolig 123 sqm, 9500 DKK/mo i Kirke Såby 21 min. ago
6 værelses Lejebolig 232 sqm, 13800 DKK/mo i Kirke Hyllinge 21 min. ago
1 værelse Lejebolig 13 sqm, 5500 DKK/mo i København Ø 44 min. ago
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Robodove is a digital search engine, which gives you a head start in your apartment search. It is a known fact that there is a high demand for apartments in Copenhagen. This is why you need to quickly react on ads. With Robodove you can outsource the process of searching on websites. Robodove is scanning real estate’s websites around the clock and discovers new ads before other people or email alerts.
With Robodove you can outsource the process of searching on advertisement websites. Robodove is scanning real estate’s websites around the clock and discovers new ads before every one else. This means that you get a chance to contact the advertiser first and get the necessary lead in your apartment search. With Robodove you will have more time for friends, family and work.
Robodove is free. We do not share your personal information with any third-party companies. The service is driven by volunteers as a side project. To minimize the expenses, we have a limited number of users who can use the service at a given time. We gladly accept feedback and suggestions to improve our service at
In the summer of 2017, I was looking for a andelsbolig (housing cooperative) in Copenhagen, and so was a lot of other people. I quickly realized that the demand for a andelsbolig was huge. New ads were often deactivated shortly after creation because sellers received a storm of calls, emails and messages.

I signed up to various real estate’s email alerts, hoping that this would give me a lead on contacting the sellers. Unfortunately, the notification was usually received with a delay of anything from one hour to a day from when the ad was created. In a housing market where new ads can receive over 100 inquiries an hour, it was pointless to contact the seller after this delay.

That meant I only had one option left. To constantly refresh the real estate’s sites from my computer and mobile, hoping to discover new ads before everyone else. This approach was undoubtedly more effective than the email alerts, but there was a huge disadvantage. As a home seeker, you are not a robot. You have to eat, study, work and sleep like all other people. This meant I often missed new ads, despite the fact that I spent a lot of hours sitting in front of the computer continuously refreshing the websites.
After spending a lot of time refreshing home pages daily, I figured that there had to be a smarter way to do this. It did not make sense to update home pages like a robot, when I instead could automatize the process of apartment searching.

This is why I developed Robodove. The purpose of Robodove is to take over the tiresome part of the apartment search. A robot does not need to eat, study, work or sleep. Therefore, Robodove can search around the clock and discover new ads before everyone else. Armed with Robodove, I went back to the Copenhagen housing market. I immediately noticed a significant head start in my apartment search. I was often the first to contact new ads. That meant I had a good talk with the seller and was invited to open house events. Another great advantage of Robodove was that I could spend time with friends, family and on work, rather than spending time constantly refreshing home pages.
Robodove is being developed by Alberto La Mantia, Andrea Del Popolo, Adam Katia and Nima Vali Rajabi. The project is in an early phase and may therefore contain errors and defects. If you have any suggestions for improvements or feedback, please send an email to
You can contact Robodove by sending an email to:
You can unsubscribe from Robodove at any time. Click here to unsubscribe from Robodove.

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Viktor Flyckt Andersen

As I have also written when I canceled my membership, I would like to say: great respect! You give everyone a fair chance at the Copenhagen housing market. I got a far greater number of invitations to see apartments than using the payment pages!


Rasmus Ahlefeldt Simonsen

A month after the sign up, the perfect apartment appeared. The landlord was contacted, a showcasing was arranged and just a few days later the apartment was ours! If it had not been for Robodove, we would NEVER have found this apartment! Robodove can be clearly recommended!


Nynne Aaby Steenhof

"Robodove har været direkte medvirken til, at min kæreste og jeg endelig har fundet en lejlighed! Vi har netop underskrevet en købsaftale og kan nu blot læne os tilbage og glæde os til vores nye sted. Robodove giver dig muligheden for at se annoncer med-det-samme - uden hele tiden at skulle logge på fx DBA, Boliga mv. - som vi ellers har gjort i vores søgen efter drømmeboligen. Efter 2 år lykkedes det for os, og det var efter blot nogle få måneders brug af Robodove."

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